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Acadiana Stars - Biddy Basketball
Acadiana Stars - Biddy Basketball



It is about that time for the Acadiana Biddy Basketball Season to begin!!!  I am sure you are all wondering if this program will continue, and who the heck will take Andrea's place... Well, the good news is yes it will continue, however, no one will ever take Andrea’s place... The Brodhead children, Ashley, Blair and Beau, have decided to continue the legacy that our mom has left behind, and continue Acadiana Biddy.

It will be Acadiana Biddy's 20th year Anniversary this year, and although we know we will never take the place of our mother, we will do our best to provide a place for children to have fun and learn life lessons, confidence, and teamwork through the game of basketball. My mom's legacy was creating a "home" for all children to feel love, get praise, and feel safety through being part of a Basketball Team. Truth be told, before we attended the "celebration of her life", we knew that there wasn't a way to continue to do Biddy because we aren't "Andrea" and it was just going to be too hard on us; however, after hearing the stories from approximately 1800 former players, coaches, and parents, about how our mom made a difference in their lives, we all agreed that there wasn't a way we could not provide that place or opportunity for our community.

This year would be her 20th  year of running Acadiana Biddy, and though there were many many awards and titles, she was most proud of the family she had gained through basketball, and all of the family members' successes and contributions that made our community a better place.

Because of this Acadiana Biddy family, our hearts are so full because of all the support you all provided through our mom's illness, her death, and now in trying to keep her legacy alive. You are all so much appreciated, and we are forever grateful. We will never be able to put into words what it felt like to feel the love and honor of our mother during our time of grief. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Registration will open soon, practices and games will go on and it will sure be different without the matriarch, however, we will continue to keep her memory alive with her Acadiana Biddy "Team" that she so dearly loved.

"Legacy is not leaving something FOR people... It's leaving something IN people"-Peter Strople...

That's our mission for Acadiana Biddy this year and we hope you all join in to "Leave a Legacy" for our Acadiana Biddy Family!!!

Our dedication to this season and the many more to come will be to Andrea Brodhead who has become ACADIANA’S STAR… TEAM AB… ANDREA’S STARS...

Please be patient with us, for we are trying to fill some big shoes and dealing with the grief of losing the most important part of our family and the Acadiana Biddy Family!!! Thank you all for your support, it is so overwhelming!!!

Yours in Basketball,

The Brodhead Children
Ashley, Blair, and Beau